Pre-Construction Phase

Estimating and Cost Advice

  • Identification & development of users/owners requirements.
  • Advice on action and procedures for tendering
  • Preparation of preliminary and comprehensive cost estimates
  • Cost advice prior to start of documentation and procurement stage

Documentation and Procurement

  • Preparation of specification and tender document
  • Assistance in floating of tenders
  • Tender evaluation report and recommendation / interview
  • Review of Contractor’s design and details.
  • Negotiation, finalization & award of project.
  • Finalising & formalise contract documents
  • Evaluate & advise on all contractual matters.

Construction Phase

  • Cost control, valuation and recommending progress payments.
  • Monitor and control progress and quality of work.
  • Preparation of monthly valuation and interim payment.
  • Prepare schedule of predicted cash flows

Post Construction Phase

  • Variation order and day work claims.
  • Extension of time, delay and liquidated damages issues.
  • Adjudicating and resolving financial and contractual aspects

Final Account/Measurement

  • Preparation of final account and documents.
  • Preparation of reconciliation report and explanation against budget

Quality Assurance Procedures

  • Execution of tasks under supervision of senior partners
  • Works organized Scrutinizing and checking works at different stage
  • Ensure assignments undertaken by qualified and competent personnel
  • Planning, organizing, monitoring, co-ordination and control of construction project
  • Achieve objectives safely, within defined time, cost and performance.

Project Initiation

  • Establish, define and communicate objectives with the Client.
  • Evaluate alternative proposals to achieve objectives of promoters.
  • Prepare outline project programme.

General Administration of Project

  • Analyse of brief and proposals to achieve the objectives.
  • Provide and Maintain good communication with all stakeholders
  • Develop and maintain programme for progress monitoring.
  • Organise, chair meetings, arrange attendance, issue agendas and minutes.

Presentation of Project

  • Presentation of design including financial appraisal
  • Obtain his approval to proceed.
  • Submit design for planning consent.

Tender Procedures and Contract Policy

  • Advise on the type of contractual arrangements.
  • Identification and selection of policies for the pre-qualification of contractors and suppliers.
  • Invitation for submission of pre-qualification information.
  • Interview, evaluate and recommend list of contractors and sub-contractors.
  • Interview contractors at pre/post tender stage.
  • Invitation to tenders including tendering procedures and commercial requirements.
  • Ensure production of design informationproduced for tendering and appointing of contract
  • Monitor critical dates and sequences of activities fortender documentation.
  • Appraise tenders received.
  • Report and update Client on financial appraisal and recommendation.
  • Award contracts to contractors and sub-contractors.

Contract Administration

  • Co-ordinate and monitor activities of all stakeholders
  • Monitor progress on site, identify and resolve problems.
  • Administer all terms and conditions of the Contract
  • Prepare monthly reports.
  • Commissioning and fitting out of the building.
  • Monitor defects and remedial works during the Defects Liability Period
  • Submit report to client on the financial outcome of the project.
  • Ensure final report to Client include:
    • “As built” drawings – architectural, construction, services
    • Design calculations as appropriate
    • Operating and maintenance instructions for equipment and services
    • Warranty certificates for the works and/or equipment
    • Recommended spare parts lists together with equipment
    • Copies of planning approvals, insurance certification, etc. relevant to the completed activity.
  • Provide assistance for duty exemption procedures

Project Liaison

Ensure and maintain good communication with all stakeholders.

Construction Management

Management of quality, cost, time and scope to achieve project objectives.

Construction Project Management

Contract administration with contractor’s team for the successful planning and execution of a project.

Roles and Responsibilities

The role of the project manager encompasses many activities including:-

  • Contractor’s representative at site and co-ordination meetings
  • Activity Planning and Sequencing – prepare program of works, monitor and update as and when required
  • Reports – Fortnightly and Monthly defining activities in progress, current status on progress, activities starting within next fortnight, status of materials to be approved and ordered, schedule of information required and queries, daily report for manpower, plantand equipment and weather condition, health and safety report, update drawing register
  • Sub-Contracts – Sub-contracts for both domestic and nominated sub-contractors and suppliers
  • Meetings – co-ordination of works with sub-contractors and suppliers, check their progress, ensure good and smooth performance, take necessary measures.
  • Claims – Managing preparation of monthly claims
  • Variations – Regular follow up of variations and costing
  • Register – Keep an up to date register of all site instructions and site inspections
  • Delays – Immediate notification of any delay and preparation of extension of time
  • Claims – prepare prolongation and disruption claims
  • Final Measurement – Re-measurement of all provisional items, prepare, discuss and agree with consultant final account.
  • Final report – Co-ordinate with all sub-contractors for submission of report including test certificates, testing and commissioning reports, as made drawings and manuals
  • Maintenance period – Regular follow up with Client/Consultants, attending snag list and completion of remedial works.
  • Work in collaboration with Solicitor
  • Understand the case.
  • Visit the site and assess the claim.
  • Submit report and qualification.
  • Submit affidavit
  • Court appearance as expert witness
  • Identification the extent of damages suffered.
  • Evaluate and analylse the damages against pre-condition photo survey
  • Determine the method statement of rectification work with the engagement of other professionals.
  • Submission of report and cost evaluation report.
  • Recommendation

Property Valuation

Property valuation report as supporting documents for mortgage loans.

Site visit, measure out, photos,  obtain cost information, prepare and submit an information-packed report.

Inspection services and report on the construction stage reached and recommend on percentage of loan to be released.

Valuation and assessment work for Institutions in connections with their Housing Loan Schemes –  e.g. Banks, Insurance Companies & Private Clients

Asset Valuation

Provide cost data for survey and construction information for asset valuation report.

Work in collaboration with Chartered Valuer


Design and implementation of first construction price index in Mauritius.

Assistance to Central Statistics Office (CSO) for computation and publication of Construction

Price Index for residential buildings.

Updating system and setting up the index through:-

  • Establishment of relevant workcategories
  • Selection of representative items within the work categories
  • Calculation of each work category’s weight expressed as a percentage of the total of all work categories.
  • Breakdown of weight of each work category into its representative items.
  • Drawing up of a detailed list of background data used in the preparation of the above tasks together and expressing them as percentage weights relative to the total cost of building the model house in both urban and rural regions.